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Who We Are

A solução perfeita onde quer que a energia tenha que ser gerada de forma rápida, confiável e eficiente.

A team that creates and delivers value to our customers.


Wega Generators was founded in 2008 with the objective to provide excellence in temporary power generation for events.
Our technical team is specialized and trained according to ABNT standards (NR 10, NR 35, PPE, Chemical Products, Hoisting and Manual Transport of Cargo, Fire Fighting), all used to the workdays that the events demand.
The interest we have always had in listening to our customers’ feedback over the years has allowed us to create customer-focused solutions, improve our processes and guarantee safety with operational excellence.



Wega Generators and its technical responsible are registered at CREA/SC.

24/7 Duty

Technical team on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Also on duty for rentals.

Event Operator

A generator operator works during the event, for monitoring and inspection.

On-Door Delivery

GPS allows to monitor deliveries. We insist on punctuality.

Power of the Show

Destacamos​ abaixo​ alguns eventos de nosso portfólio.

We highlight some events integrated in our portfolio.

Our expertise is a temporary power generation for events. We are specialized in this segment and we offer a differentiated service for corporate events, shows and weddings. We have generators of different powers to meet different demands. Great events have already relied on our energy.



Auxiliamos o cliente a decidir a potência adequada para cada evento.

We help the client to decide the appropriate power for each event.


All equipment is new and maintained under a strict preventive and periodic maintenance control, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Diesel generators, silent for applications that low or no noise.


260 Kwa Generator

260 Kwa Generator

GMG Diesel Singelo 260 kva Generator
CUMMINS – CRAMACO, Voltage 380
Analog Manual
400 Ampere Circuit Breaker
SSL Container (Light Super Silent)
Hospital Silence
Reinforced Base and Fairing
Hoisting Strap
Filling Nozzle

Electric Cables

Electric Cables

Flexible EPR cables with 1000 volt insulation, according to the requirements of the Fire Department.

Intermediate Boxes

Intermediate Boxes

Power distribution boxes.
Allows you to connect the cables through a cable with a terminal end, or use the cam-lock connectors at the ends of the boxes.



We have our own fleet to transport equipment.
Vehicles of different sizes for small, medium and large events.
We adapt to the generator powers, the quantities and the spaces where they will be used.
We have 45 ton munck trucks with open platform available.



Automotive vehicle with forks to pile materials and equipment. Forklift Operator, with training and guidance on the use of PPE’s.

Isolation Fences

Isolation Fences

The public isolation fences are required by the fire department and are intended to ensure the safety of the people present at the event.



Made of insulating and anti-flame material, they support 3 tons per cubic centimeter.
They are used to protect electric cables, in places with vehicle and pedestrian traffic.
They are also used to give safety and a good finishing to cable passing.



Inverter switches to transfer from the utility to the generator.

Isolation Transformer

Isolation Transformer

Powers from 40 to 250 kva.
Used to transform different voltages and isolate systems with noise and frequency changes. It can be used to increase the voltage from 220 to 380 and decrease it from 380 to 220 or maintain an input voltage and output with two different voltages.

Ethics and Responsibility

Valores e Sustentabilidade

Values and Sustainability


A set of fundamental values guide all actions and decision making in the company.
We serve our customers with ethics and honesty, praising agility, punctuality and quality when providing services.
We propose to have, on our staff and with our partners, people accomplished and committed to the work they develop. We are grateful to all our customers, partners and employees.

We act responsibly so our activities and installations do not cause damage to the environment. The used oils are stored in their own containers and are collected by a specialized company. We correctly dispose all waste and solid residue. Using recycled materials wherever possible is also practical for the company’s sustainable growth.


It is a privilege to count on these partnerships.


Luiz Henrique
Cafe De La Music
Stage Music
Square Garden
Grupo All
Client 7
Client 6
Client 5
Client 4
Client 3
Client 2
Client 1

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